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 Excerpts from March 17th, 2020 letter by our Pastor Matthew Senf:

Dear Oakridge Lutheran Church (OLC) Family,

I write to you now in the midst of unprecedented happenings in our time.  By now you have all witnessed the increasingly intense measures to curtail gatherings of people in order to "flatten the curve" of the spread of the COVID-19 flu virus.  The good news is that it is working!  People, especially in the "high risk demographic" that the government health authorities have identified as the elderly, infants, people with pre-existing immune and respiratory illness, etc., will be made more secure by these responsible measures and lives will be saved

The Bishop's office and the national synod of the ELCIC have been offering leadership and support and have been communicating regularly with health authorities and government officials to determine the most prudent ways to proceed and then, in turn, have been communicating with pastors throughout the Lower Mainland.

The OLC council met after last Sunday’s worship to discuss the most responsible and caring way forward for our church community and, in light of the most recent letter from the National Bishop and all of the Synodical Bishops, the very hard decision to suspend in-person worship gatherings has been made.

Effective immediately, in-person services at Oakridge will not be taking place until further notice.

Please know that your pastor and council are with you. Even now we are discussing how to make resources for prayer, study and spiritual support available to you via the internet and whatever other means are available.

We will update you all as new information is available and as decisions are made and you are always invited to call or email me as you feel moved to do so.