Hi Everyone,

Young Women’s Group

 Some exciting OLC news! A Young Women’s Group now meets each month on 3 Saturday mornings 10:30AM -  12:30 PM.  Currently 7 young women from ages 18-21 years join for prayer and scripture in the Outreach Meeting Space. Evreyone is thoroughly enjoying these gatherings. There is lots of positive feedback from the group which has been very encouraging to me. Prayer for the ministry would be great. If you know of any young women who may want to join us, please send them my email address and I will be happy to connect with them.

Sacrament Gatherings For Households
The OLC team is missing you all dearly and working very hard to come up with ideas on how to have worship services while keeping everyone safe. Our Pastor Matthew will be doing sacrament gatherings for households (maximum 6 people) who wish to take part in taking the body of Christ. This is will happening by appointment only and in the church foyer, Saturdays only will be available. More information is in the Nov. 2020 issue of The Messenger newsletter about the gatherings. To book an appointment please email me. Also just a heads up it will be mandatory to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer during sacrament appointments as we want to keep not only ourselves safe but also our Pastor.

Prayers and Praise

Lastly please send your prayer requests or praise reports through to my email as our team would love to be praying over you or hearing about what God is doing in your lives during this time. Attached is the November messenger.

Much Love,


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