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The first reading is the famous Jacobs ladder and the big takeaway from this reading is the unfailing promise of God to be faithful to the descendants of Abraham forever. Psalm 139 is my favourite psalm of all, and it speaks in the most sweepingly poetic way about how very personal and eternal Gods love and interest is in everything God has made.

The Epistle from Romans is more bad body/good spirit talk which I continue to preach is an unhealthy and damaging way for us to conceive of our bodies. God has created us "imageo dei", there is glory and holiness in the physical which must be respected and celebrated.

The gospel is the story of the wheat and the tares... but who are the tares? Who is beyond the love and redeeming power of God in Christ? Is the power of the resurrection to save undone by evil? I preach that it is not and that our God is even more impossibly loving and unwilling to let anything/anyone ultimately fall away that we can possibly imagine.