Greetings! Happy New Year!

Pastor Matthew's Reflections on this Sunday the texts:

Is it not wonderful that the Psalm today, the first Sunday after the miracle of the messiah's birth, is calling all people, kings and paupers, all animals, the beasts of the deep and the birds of the air, the forests, and the waters above the heavens" even the all the planets and the entire cosmos to PRAISE God for having fulfilled God's own promise?!

The texts this week give us excellent and exhaustive instructions for discipleship, and they are wonderfully simple: Witness and Praise...these are all that is necessary for discipleship.  All the work you will ever need to do as a disciple of Jesus will naturally spring from these two instructions.

The other thing I find fascinating about the texts for today is the great effort taken by them (especially the epistle and the gospel) to remind us that Jesus is born "under the law", so much so that His mother, who was impure "according to the law" came to present Jesus at the temple and offer sacrifice to effectively "wash herself" from the impurity of having born...GOD INTO THE WORLD!!..Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?!

We know why, why this discipline of legal adherence which has to do with the scandal of the cross and the "stumbling block" that Jesus is destined to be, as prophesied by Simeon and Anna, but how utterly ridiculous that Mary should have to "purify" herself for having born the Son of God...I stumble even now.



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