Pastor Matthew’s Reflections for Palm Sunday 2021:
Palm sunday clipart kidSo here we are, back again in Jerusalem for the Passover.  The disciples have borrowed a donkey, the "colt, the foal of a donkey" and astride it (fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah [Zechariah 9:9]) Jesus makes His "triumphal Return"

It's really hard, and equally important not to let ourselves get too carried away and to far into the story as this Holy week develops.  It is so super important to try to stay focused on the various movements that make up the grande opus.  We cannot let our "eternal hindsight" our knowledge of what will happen rob us of the reception and consumption -yes, just like the eucharist- of every individual movement of this grand narrative.

Today, on Palm Sunday, Jesus enters Jerusalem to the shouts of Hosanna, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord and what we are to take from this is that the people there, in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, knew who Jesus was.  Those people knew, they believed just like we believe, that He was the Messiah...Just sit with that for the next few days...They knew it, just like we know it