Pastor Matthew’s reflections for Easter Sunday 2021:

He is risen!  Hallelujah He is risen indeed!

Jesus Chris is Risen Indeed FIXED

This morning, after 3 days of impossible hopelessness, after we had thought all was lost, the women go out, in love and tenderness, to tend the body of their beloved Rabbouni.

They arrive at the tomb and find the stone rolled away and the tomb empty.  The image of the "stone rolled away and the tomb empty" is such a powerful symbol of the gospel, it is the sure and certain confirmation that death cannot contain the Lord's anointed and those for whom the Lord's anointed has come.

The tomb, every dark place of death in our lives is opened up, the sun rushes in, hope rushes in, life rushes in.

This work is the character of God and the empty tomb is God's work for us and for all of creation.  In Jesus, God has repaired the breach.

Rest in this today!

Rest in the understanding that you are so beloved of God, that God is so desirous of your company that He has been born into flesh, murdered in the flesh and risen again so that your tomb, and every tomb forever will lay empty, death will be defeated, and love will reign all in all.

May the Lord, who loves you more powerfully than death, bless and keep you this Eastertide!