Do you ever doubt, dear friends?

Do you ever wonder if we are wrong about what we believe?  Do you even sometimes doubt that Jesus really was resurrected from the dead? …because the disciples sure did! ...not just for a few days, not just in the darkest of times...these men actually stood in the presence of the resurrected Lord AND STILL they doubted and wondered, as we read in today's Gospel text:

While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering, he said to them, “Have you anything here to eat?”

And Jesus, patient and loving, sought over and over to assure them.  Their doubts, even in His presence, did not offend Him.  And do you note that the disciples, even in their doubt and anxiety, while they yet doubted and wondered, were still "in joy"!?  Isn't that something.  What was it that gave them this joy in the face of such terrible doubts and loss of hope?  I wonder, if like the season of Spring that erupts around us regardless of whether we believe it or are ready for it or accept it, there is something inside of all flesh that cannot but accept that the tomb has been forever opened and that it will not be sealed again, even at the darkest hour.

Jesus tells us that we are witnesses to this joy in the 48th verse of today's gospel.  He does not ask us if we would like to be or think we can manage it but simply confers the vocation of witness upon us.

Dear friends, may you today and all your days be faithful witness to the joy and peace that pass all understanding.