pentecost sundayOn this Pentecost Sunday, there are 2 things which guide my reflections.  The first is that the Spirit, the Holy Spirit that Jesus will send once he is ascended to the Father,  is the  of Truth.  This to me implies that part of the work that the Spirit is undertaking in the world is teaching people that there are some fundamental Truths in life.  There is a God, God is loving, God has redeemed the creation In Jesus Christ because the creation is of immeasurable worth to God...These, I would propose, are fundamental truths which must govern the ethics and behaviour of all Christians and indeed all people for the betterment of society and the flourishing of all life.  Clearly the existence of a Spirit of Truth is in direct contradiction to a way of seeing the world where truth is always relative.  Certainly, there is a vast range of experience of fundamental truths, but fundamental  truths cannot be relativized in a world into which God sends a Spirit of Truth to open the minds of  all people to the will and character of the God that has created all things.

The second thing is the shear power and will to life that God has.  God is the very essence of life.  Death is anathema to God.  In Ezekiel, God plants the prophet down in a valley littered with dry, bleached bones and says “Mortal, can these bones live?”  The lesson God is teaching the prophet and, by extension us, is about God's infinite, unstoppable capacity and will to bring life to what is lifeless..."show me the deadest, driest, hollowest, thing you can, and I will wrap sinew around it and put flesh upon it and cause it to stand up and then I will breathe the SPIRIT of TRUTH into is and it will live.

On this Pentecost Sunday, and every Sunday, let us praise the Lord that The Spirit of Truth is sent to us to breathe new life into our old, tired bones, life that cannot be taken away, life in the spirit of truth and of redemption that is eternal.