Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

I think I will entitle this reflection..."Just get in the boat!"

There are so many questions that precede the storm that brews up on the Sea of Galilee as the disciples make their crossing with the Lord from the safe and familiar shores of Capernaum to the wild and foreboding land of Gerasene.  Questions such as, why go at all? Why Gerasene? Why such a small boat?  Why go with weather threatening? There are so many questions that one is amazed that the voyage ever got underway at all...but it did.  Jesus says, "Let us go across to the other side", that is it, no explanation, no words of assurance, no; "do not fear the sea or the weather, all will be well".

We read that Jesus assumes the disciples already understand all this.  Regardless of what questions they had, they got in the boat!  The Lord said let us go and they went.  Then, as if on cue, the wind comes up, the seas rise and swell, the storm threatens to capsize their little craft, and Jesus?, yah He's just having a little snooze up front on a pillow.  The disciples rustle Him awake "Hey man, we're all going to die out here!!" and all Jesus says through his sleepy eyes "Peace, be still" and then all that wind, all that thunder, all that threatening water goes calm in an instant.

Both the disciples, and we the reader, are reminded in a flash, that the gentle teacher asleep on the pillow up front is the incarnation of the living God, The Logos that existed before all else, that witnessed the birth of the sun and the calling out of all life, the God we read about in the Job reading for today.

Maybe that is what we need to remember when we are asked to get in the boat.  Not that we will be speared rough seas, not that we will not be asked to go to strange, even terrifying new places but that when we go, He will be with us...and He is the He that is was and will always be.