Today's readings are clearly about prophecy and the one called to its declaration.  It is hard to be a prophet.  Nobody is really ever happy to see you, you are constantly being sent out to people who are angry ("rebellious" as Ezekiel records in today's Hebrew text reading)  You are usually chased out of town if your lucky to get away with your life...who would want to do this kind of work??  Well, no one really.  The scriptures are full of stories about people trying to get out of being called to be prophets of the Lord...remember Jonah?!

But the prophet is needed.  The prophet has been needed since people have known about God's laws and broken them and the prophet is most surely needed now when the breaking of God's laws, the oppression of God's people and the destruction of God's creation seem to be all the rage.

I think that in addition to being disciples ("witnesses") of the Love of God in Jesus Christ, a calling every baptised person shares, Christians are, also exhaustively, called to the work of prophecy.  The truth of the redemption of the whole of creation in Christ requires us to confront and prophesy against destructive acts perpetrated against the environment, the oceans, the forests.  The truth of humanity having been created in the very image of God demands that all Christians stand against and prophesy against situations in which  people, any people, are being dehumanized.  The salvation made possible in the Grace of God incarnated and resurrected in Jesus necessitates that all baptised people prophesy that the reign of God is at hand and is a reality for ALL people and the WHOLE of creation.

Where might you speak a prophetic word into an unjust situation in your life and world?  How might you prophesy to the truth of the God who has called you to that task?