This Sunday we leave the Year B cycle of Mark for 5 Sundays to venture into the gospel of John to hear about the Bread of Life.  The  kickoff to this transition is a repeating of the story of the miracle of the feeding of the 5000. 

Why do you think we need to hear this story twice?  Why do the elders of the Church and the crafters of the lectionary pick this one?

Short answer? ...I think it's because the thing that keeps people, then and now, in the "bondage to sin" that Luther talks about in our LBW, ELW prayer for confession is, above all, FEAR. Fear that we will be left behind, fear that there will not be enough, fear that we will not measure up, fear that we will die...Fear is what keeps the world hungry, impoverished, at war, in enmity.  In the feeding of the 5000 Jesus examples a confidence, a rock-solid faith,  in the super abundance of God to provide for every living thing.  Out of 5 loaves thousands are produced, not by miraculous metaphysical magic but by the softening of the human hearts around Jesus and a dispelling of the fear that kept them in bondage.  And all this is accomplished by faith...the people simply began to move in the belief that God would actually... not bla bla bla, religious talk...but actually and substantially provide for their pressing physical needs.

In the hearing of this story... twice... what are we to do? 

Go and do likewise!