What is it to be the greatest?

The world teaches us quite clearly what that means doesn't it?  Youth, beauty, power, wealth, influence...

And the Gospel...what does it set as a standard?, pretty much the opposite.

The Disciples are still not getting this as Jesus and the 12 make their way to Jerusalem.  They are still not getting the fact that the Messiah that God has given them is not the great Davidic King they have been waiting and hoping for but rather the Messiah they have been given is giving His life up in service and sacrifice for the whole of the world...and even more...is asking them, and us, to do the same.

i am the wayToday's gospel is not so nuanced, dear siblings in Christ, it is quite clearly an admonition to get over yourself and be of service to the other.  Stop the incessant desperate work to "get yours" in this world and look to the provision of what your neighbour needs.  Cease the unending clamber for the top and find your joy in lifting others up. Look to the example of the disciples and DO NOT follow it!

Rather, look to the example of Jesus and know that it is the only way.