Reopened in late 2019, Oakridge Lutheran Church is a major part of a mixed 6-story development built on the original church site. Along Ash Street at West 41st Avenue, the church front entrance is next door to The Hannelore rental apartments. Next to the church front entrance is the community meeting room known as the Outreach Meeting Space.

01_church_front__845x908.jpg 02_OLC_sign_1920x1080.jpg 03_church_front_1080x1080.jpg

04_lobby_billboard_1920x1080.jpg 05_lobby_b_1080x1080.jpg 06_lobby_a_10800x1080.jpg

07_lobby_d_1080x1080.jpg 08_lobby_c_1080x1080.jpg 09_lobby_f_1920x1080.jpg

10_mezanine_1_1920x1080.jpg 11_mezzanine_2_1920x1080.jpg 12_mezznine_3_1920x1080.jpg

Outreach Meeting Space